We are big fans of online casinos. So every time there a new slot releases we play casino and try to get every bonus feature it offers to do a comprehensive review and set our rating. We have created this special page to let you see all new casino slots released right now, check their rating and play for free in demo mode.

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Play new slots for free now

All of the new slots on our site can be played for fun, without depositing real money. It’s a good way to test, get a couple of bonus features and see if you like them. Play latest slot releases now for free, and if you decide to play for real money, we suggest you to play one of our new online casinos, they usually offer you a good deposit bonus, which eventually helps you to play longer and get all the new slot features.

How to play new slots without registration?

The main difference between land-based casinos and online slot games is that you can actually test any new online slot in demo mode, without losing your money. You can play all the new slots on our site without registration. You don’t need to download them, just open any new slot you like to play on your pc, mobile or tablet and enjoy your gameplay and press “play for free” button. If you run out of fun money, just refresh the page to top up your account.

When can new slots fail?

Not all of the new slots are good, in pursuit of earnings sometimes slot providers can release a mediocre slot. It can happen a lot with new slot providers or with small companies which don’t have enough money and human resources to spend it on the development. We will tell you now about what kind of bad things we have to deal with when we play in new slots.

Bad graphics and sound

It takes a lot of time and money to come up with an original graphics which looks appealing for all gamblers, not many companies can afford that, that’s why they’re a lot of the same Looks weird and outdated. We have a seen a lot of false attempts where people try to make a new unique casino slot, but make it look like a piece of crap. It’s the 21st century, there are many talented designers out there, get yourself one.

Same ideas recycled over again

There are many new slots released every month, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with new slot ideas, so instead of making a new unique slot, slot providers decide to do a simple reskin of an old popular slot. They even sometimes stole an idea from another provider. A good example of this is a lot of “book” slots where you get 3 scatters and wait for a top symbol to cover your whole screen and give you a 5000x. As you can see even payouts in these slots are the same. We hope to see more creative slots with new exciting features.

Low paying slots

There is nothing you can compare to that feeling when you win x1000+ with your bet, that’s why most of us like to play casinos. However, each month many new slots released where a maximum win can be set to x500 or even x300. It’s may be fun to play those new slots when you catch many bonus games, but when you realise that there is not a single chance for you to win big and all you do is drain balance, you feel robbed.

Good that most of popular slots providers like NetEnt, Quickspin, Play’n GO understand those basics and always to provide us with an exciting original concept of gambling. Their new slots usually become a huge success, and we are glad that they stick to a strict schedule and release new slots every month.

New NetEnt slots

What we are really excited this year is some of the Big name slots from NetEnt. We already have a great time with a branded slot Vikings from NetEnt. Right now there is a new branded slot that we expect to be a huge success, and it’s called Ozzy Osbourne. This slot was announced on London iGaming conference, and for sure it will be one of the biggest releases this year.

Of course, this is not the only slot we expect, NetEnt is gearing up this year and actually have a plan to release two new NetEnt slots per month. So there are a lot of new slot machines to play and test this year. We will add it to our site as soon as this new slot game is available.

New Quickspin slots

Quickspin is ready to release more new slots, they always try to come up with some exciting graphics and features you have never seen, so be on the lookout this year for their new slot releases such Ticket to the Stars, Ivan and the Immortal King and many others.

This is one of the providers that actually care about their slots and overall people reception. You can read more about Quickspin casinos and slots on our page specially dedicated to it.

New slots is an exciting journey

It’s always a good idea to play new video slots, it feels so exciting when you don’t know what to expect from this slot. However, slots are created to take the money, and sometimes they take it with no remorse, not even letting you hit some decent wins. We have created this page so you can see which new casino slots you should play, you can decide it according to our rating. We wish you more free spins and wild symbols!

Even there are many new slot releases that look fun, we suggest not to forget about good old slots that you used to play a lot, there are many slots our there that can pay well as well and their many people lost their money already in it so maybe it’s your chance to hit a big win. Play new and old slots, so you have the best game selection no matter what casino you are now.